Continuous Compliance

Enables ongoing adherence to evolving CIS benchmarks, maintaining a robust security posture.

Resilience Improvement

enhances your ability to withstand and recover from potential cyber threats, contributing to overall cybersecurity resilience.

Error Reduction

Minimizes the risk of human errors associated with manual configuration, ensuring more accurate and consistent security settings

Rapid Response

Efficiently identifying and mitigating security vulnerabilities minimizes exposure and fortifies cybersecurity


Facilitates the implementation of standardized security measures across diverse and growing IT environments.

Resource Optimization

Maximizes the utilization of human resources by allowing personnel to focus on more strategic and complex security tasks

Audit Trail

Provides a detailed and traceable record of Audit, Remedy, and changes, aiding in compliance audits and analysis


Adapt to changing security landscapes and emerging threats through quick adjustments to security configurations

Real-time Monitoring

Enables continuous monitoring of security settings, providing immediate responses to potential security incidents


Reduces costs associated with manual efforts, including labor expenses and potential financial losses due to security breaches.

Plug and Play

No requirement to install additional applications on the servers. The system operates seamlessly with just the utilization of SSH (Secure Shell) or WinRM (Windows Remote Management) access

Jump Host Support

Using the Jump Host ensures a structured and regulated environment for conducting audits and remedies on internal servers, enhancing overall security measures

Custom Audit Profiles

Flexibility to customize and create your own scanning profile, aligning it with your specific security policy

Roll-Back Support

Ensures a safety net, allowing for the quick and effective reversal of remediation actions, preventing any potential disruptions and maintaining system stability

Role-based access control

Provides robust functionality for organizing teams and assigning users to different roles, all managed seamlessly through a dedicated portal

Stay Ahead with the Latest Security Trends

Stay informed by keeping up with industry updates, participating in webinars, and immersing yourself in valuable resources!

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